250cc four-stroke engine, air cooled
Electric start and kick start
Front and Rear hydraulic disc brakes.
60-65 mph max speed
Manual Shift transmission w/5 speed
Front wheel size 80/100-21
Rear wheel size 110/100-18
Clearance 8"
Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Front Dual shock
Rear Mono shock
330lb weight capacity
12.5L fuel capacity

The Hawk was designed for long-distance travel in Africa and South America, with low maintenance requirements. It is both durable and affordable, earning the nickname: 'AK-47'. This enduro is street legal with turn signals and lights. The RPS Hawk is perfect for moderate to experienced riders, looking for an upgrade from a bike in a smaller engine class. Its 250cc engine provides an enormous amount of acceleration and top speed, but a larger degree of control due to its large frame. Despite its bulky appearance, this is a bike with a surprising nimbleness--it can handle sharp turns with ease, thanks to its front and rear brake system, and has the acceleration you need to handle colossal jumps. Overall, if you're looking to seriously enter the racing fray, or go for an extended offroad/on road adventure, this a great bike to do those with. Not for the faint of heart or inexperienced, as the larger engine size offers a sizable learning curve to some, if used to a 125cc engine or smaller. Still, if you're looking to take your bike game to the next level, this is the bike to do it with!