250cc single cylinder four-stroke air cooled engine 
Electric start
55-60 mph max speed
Front and Rear hydraulic brakes
Manual clutch transmission
4-speed plus neutral/reverse
Chain drive
Front wheel size 23x7-10
Rear wheel size 22x10-10
330 lb weight capacity

The RPS Tornado 250cc Sport Type ATV certainly earns its namesake! It absolutely rips, with a powerful acceleration and a pretty vicious max speed of 60 MPH. We were absolutely floored with how much power the tornado has. It seems to come out of nowhere! You will carve circles around your friends all day with the Tornado. Despite its power, it has surprisingly robust features, not sacrificing speed and power for safety and comfort. A dual hydraulic brake system means that it stops on a dime, and sturdy frame can handle whatever type of terrain you would throw at it. This is truly the whole package--if you're looking for an ATV that absolutely rips, this is the one you want.