ATV 250 CANYON shaft drive

250cc four-stroke engine air cooled w/electric start
45 mph max speed
Front hydraulic brakes
Rear drum brake
5-speed plus neutral/reverse
Semi-automatic pedal clutch transmission, w/shaft drive
8.5" ground clearance
Front wheel size 23x7-10
Rear wheel size 22x10-10 

The Canyon is the top-selling utility ATV in Central and South America, and this affordable unit is now available in the United States. Our vehicle is ideal for farmers, construction workers, independent contractors, and anyone who needs a utility vehicle. The shaft drive improves durability, and users will appreciate the 5-speed transmission, with pedal clutch. It is available in black, blue, green and red colors. It features semi-automatic transmission, with front hydraulic and rear drum brakes, Mcpherson swing arm suspension, and a shaft drive system.

The RPS Canyon is quite the workhorse! If you're looking for a reliable ATV with enough power to carry practically anything, look no further. The Canyon has a maximum carrying capacity of 352 lbs, and we found it can reliably carry that amount while maintaining a comfortable cruising speed of about 45 MPH. The Canyon, despite its large engine, lacks some of the bulkiness and handling issues that other ATVs in this class tend to have, as its dual brake system ensures that it stops on a dime, and its acceleration is very smooth, leading to a very comfortable ride feel. A swing arm suspension means that it can handle the rockiest terrain you can throw at it, and still maintain a very smooth, comfortable ride. Overall, if you're looking for a work horse of a vehicle, but something that handles like an ATV half its size, the RPS canyon is a good fit.